The Only One for Me

Only One Series, Book 1

Sean Davenport has it all.

He's rich, successful and single. From the time he was a child, the importance of keeping his father's legacy in the family was drilled into him. His dream was to expand the company until Davenport Corporation was a household name.

The one thing Sean Davenport wants - needs - is a child of his own blood to carry on the legacy his father left behind. 

A child of his own that he could groom and train to take over the company when the time came. For a man of his means, it should have been simple.

But money can't buy everything.

And this is the one thing he begins to believe he will never have.

At least until he meets Danielle Knox, a rising star in the art world and the one person in the world who doesn't appear to be impressed by his wealth. 

To achieve his goal, he has to make her fall in love with him.

But first he has to keep her alive....