Enemy Mine

Andreas was too much of everything.

Too tall, too sexy, too…alpha.

When Kaedyn’s aunts sold their old property next door to her house, they didn’t say anything to her. Busy licking her wounds after her break up with her longtime boyfriend, Kaedyn’s world centered on the peace and quiet that living off the beaten path brought her. The last thing she needed was four of the sexiest men she had ever seen living next door. 

Kaedyn was the neighbor from hell.

Too mouthy, too irritating, too…sexy.

When Andreas found the advertisement for a house and land in Harlowe Point, he knew it was just what he and his brothers needed. An opportunity to leave behind the reputation of their father, the previous alpha, and begin a life on their own. The last thing he needed was his sexy, curvy neighbor trying to find any excuse to make them leave.

Determined to chase them away, Kaedyn’s declared war and she’s willing to go to any extreme to win. But when she discovers an unusual way to rid herself of her problem for once and for all, will it backfire? 



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