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The Heart - Coming June 2018

Mia's dreams of marriage included a white dress, tons of champagne and a beach in Hawaii - not a fake Elvis in a little chapel on the strip. And definitely not married to the biggest playboy she knew...

Tyler never dreamed of marriage. It was something he would probably do when he was forty, but for now, the world was his playground. He never dreamed he would find himself standing in a little chapel on the strip pledging his heart and soul.

When the cold light of day shines down on the two the next morning, Tyler is sure he's found the person he's going to spend the rest of his life with. 

But Mia's not so sure...

Saints and Sinners

Regardless of their last name, Sebastian and his brothers are no saints. And neither are the women they love.

When their father dies under strange circumstances, they have to discover the truth about his death and the person trying to destroy his legacy.

Secrets of My Heart

Kira Sutton Ross has had her share of well off playboys  trying to control her life and the purse strings. A partner in a prominent D.C. marketing firm, she can call her own shots.

Ethan Vaughn tends to find women with dollar signs in their eyes. So when he meets Kira, he decides to take it slow, letting her think he's the foreman instead of the owner of his construction company. 

What will it take for them to get past the secrets in their hearts?

Always On Your Side

Shane O'Connell is an ex-baseball player who suffered a career ending injury at the height of his career. Not wanting to be around the sport he could no longer play, he's buried himself in his family's restaurant business and nursing his regrets.

Amanda Turner just scored the job of a lifetime. Her appointment in a senator's office has made her parents proud of her - finally. It also gives her the chance to be close to her best friend and  the man she fell in love with one winter's night.


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