Anterrian's Heir

Believing she's alone in the world after the death of her grandmother, Risa is surprised to find herself confronted by a sexy sword wearing alien who tells her that he can take her to her mother. Although her first instinct is to run, her heart tells her she can trust him. Agreeing to go, she has visions of a happy reunion with at least one of her parents.

But nothing is ever easy.

Instead of her fairy tale reunion, she finds herself on another world, Her father, The Anterrian, had disappeared five years before after attempting to heal the rift by mating the Lady of Tarnes, who hadn't been seen since his disappearance. 

Keros was elated to be selected for his mission. Retrieve the Anterrian's Heir and bring her back to the fortress. His people had suffered the past five centons since their leader had disappeared. Having his heir back among his people, even a child would help to solidify them once again.

What he didn't expect was to find a fully grown woman who his heart told him was his mate. His biggest worry now was keeping her alive until they could find the traitor among his people and stop a war between that had been brewing for over a century.